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Click here for updated rules on Chinese domains (08/05/2012) From December 15, 2009, the registration rules for Chinese domains change drastically. The Chinese authority (CNNIC) at the request of the Chinese government had to apply these restrictions. First of all, private individuals will no longer be able to register .cn domains. Each applicant must provide ... Read more

From 10 December it will be possible to register a second level .DO domain, and for holders of a third level .DO domain (for example .com.do) to be able to request the domain registration directly as a second level .DO. Pre-registration is open to everyone and anyone who has registered a third ... Read more

From 10 December 2009 it will be possible to register IDN .eu domains. IDNs are the "Internationalized Domain Name" and respond to the need to use characters that are not in the Latin alphabet. The European extension is the one that supports the largest number of "scripts" or alphabets. Here you will find ... Read more

From November 16th the Sunrise period begins for the domains .?? (.RF). In fact, ICANN has recently approved the use of characters not belonging to the Latin alphabet also for domain name extensions (IDN ccTLD). IDN (Internationalized Domain Names) domain names are already used for the characters before the extension. This initiative responds to ... Read more

On November 16, ICANN launched the c.d. Fast Track Process for the internationalization of domain name extensions. The IDN (Internationalized Domain Name) domains are already widespread and allow the use of non-Latin alphabet characters (Cyrillic, Chinese, Arabic, etc.) in the body of the domain name, while maintaining the final extension (.de; .cn; ... Read more

From 1/10/2009 the new rules for registering Russian domains entered into force. From now on, in fact, the authority requires the identification of all NEW owners of a .ru domain name. From April 2010 this obligation is also imposed on all holders of Russian domains registered before October 2009. The identification of a holder ... Read more

We are pleased to announce that from 29 September 2009, Dominiando is accredited REGISTRAR at the Registro.it (www.nic.it) with the synchronous system.At the authority we go from being SISCO-MNT (Maintainer) to DOMINIANDO-REG (REGISTRAR), which testifies of the transition from the ASYNCHRONOUS system to the new SYNCHRONOUS system.The substantial difference between the ... Read more

Listed and explained below all the statuses of .IT domains, registered with the SYNCHRONOUS system, in the whois. STATUS Explanation Ok Registered domain active and available for any operation. Challenged Registered domain contested by a third party, not available for a change operation by the Registrant. This status identifies all domain names for which an opposition procedure ... Read more

In the months of September and October 2009, the reopening period for the second level .MX (Mexico) domains is underway. Evaluating the registration of a .MX domain is important for the protection of your brand online. The cost for the first registration is €599 + VAT to decrease. The authority has established ... Read more

We wish to inform you that the Sunrise period for the .TN (Tunisia) domains is ongoing. The opening process consists of 3 phases: Sunrise 1 (from 1 April 2009 to 30 June 2009): is reserved for holders of a registered .com.tn domain. If you do not have a com.tn domain already registered, you can ask for them ... Read more

Finally the Cameroonian registry of .cm domains has published the dates in which the .cm domains  can be registered. Already today it is possible to register them in the various .cm domain Sunrise, Landrush, and preregistration phases, before others do so in the Go Live, which will be open to everyone. These domains, from Cameroon, ... Read more

We have made the most famous and widespread payment system in the world available for payment of the services offered on our Dominiando site: Paypal. From now on Paypal will be added to the other 5 payment systems already available, to allow you to choose in complete freedom and make your life more ... Read more

From today it is possible to register domains in Macedonia such as .MK and .com.MK without having to have a presence in the country. The registration times are about 2 weeks and it is necessary to sign the documents and send them to the authority. Click for more information on .MK domains Read more

From now on, the Argentine authority will limit the number of registrations of .com.ar and org.ar domain names that can be held by each individual subject, to a maximum of 200 domains. The decision is based on the following points: Article 1.071 of the Argentine Civil Code which states: "...the law does not ... Read more

We are pleased to announce that from today Dominiando will offer the Local Presence service for Albanian domains (.al and .com.al). The registration rules of the Albanian domains are very restrictive and allow only those with a registered office in Albania to hold a .AL domain name Dominiando has signed an agreement with a local ... Read more

The prior registration of distinctive trademarks is an essential tool for combating counterfeiting. However, high registration fees often discourage SMEs. Until now, in addition to the filing fee to be paid with the registration application, a fee must also be paid at the end of the examination procedure. The total amount due ... Read more

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